Trust what is

Strip everything down to essence.
Let go of what you think you need.
Learn to trust what is.

Embrace happiness without grasping.
Happiness will break your bones as it slips out of your clenched fist.
Trust sorrow; It allows the soul to lie fallow and expand.

Embrace the daylight without demanding permanence.
Light fades into evening with or without your approval.
Trust darkness; It faithfully reveals the unseen.

Embrace tranquility without insisting on its presence.
Tranquility is a condition and not a promise.
Trust anger; It acknowledges the truth of your experience.

Embrace relationship without needing to control.
Relationship is a dance of constant movement and change.
Trust solitude; It is a centering space always available to you.

Understanding what is yours, release your grip.
Trust what is true to hold you up.

Trust what is


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